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Kuala Lumpur City Hall

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur in Malay) is the local council responsible for the administrative duty of the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is an agency under the  Ministry of the Federal Territories Malaysia.

The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur holds executive power over the city hall, and is appointed for three years with consent of the King. The current mayor is YBhg. Datuk Seri Hj. Ahmad Phesal Bin Hj. Talib and has been in office since July 2012.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall aims to transform Kuala Lumpur into a world-class city by the year 2020. Its mission is to achieve progress, peace and prosperity for the city through programmes such as physical and socioeconomic development, controlled planning, urban services that are planned and delivered based on good governance.

In line with the existing Government programmes/policies, Kuala Lumpur City Hall has been working closely with different parties to implement its Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 to enhance a Kuala Lumpur city as more resident-owned, economically prosperous, well-connected, and eco-friendly.

The detailed functions of Kuala Lumpur City Hall are:

  1. To provide services in the cleaning up and disposal of garbage.
  2. To provide public health services and control pollution.
  3. To engage in beautifying the city.
  4. To build and maintain roads, provide a transportation infrastructure and to manage the traffic system.
  5. To build and maintain the drainage and river system.
  6. To plan and control urban development.
  1. To build and manage public housing.
  2. To manage, control and resettle squatters.
  3. To manage and control affairs regarding hawkers and small businesses.
  4. To issue and control business licenses.
  5. To plan and implement sports, cultural and tourism activities.
  6. To provide, manage and maintain public facilities (stadiums, sports complexes/community centres, mosques/surau, recreational parks, markets, hawker centres, libraries, bus stops/taxi stands, cemeteries and crematoriums).


Kuala Lumpur City Hall Tourism Unit

Kuala Lumpur City Hall set up the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Tourism Unit to address and serve the growing interest from local and foreign tourists alike. With the vision of positioning Kuala Lumpur as a world-class tourism destination and encouraging growth in tourist numbers, length of stay and spend, the Tourism Unit coordinates the tourism activities and programmes organised by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, and promotes Kuala Lumpur’s tourism products and services while ensuring the right enablers are in place.


Kuala Lumpur Tourism Master Plan 2015-2025

Kuala Lumpur, the main gateway to Malaysia, envisions to double its tourist arrivals to 16 million by 2025, while generating RM4 billion additional investments in the tourism industry and creating 71,000 jobs.

To achieve this, Kuala Lumpur will need to unlock its full potential as a destination by developing an ambitious strategic plan across all key tourism segments. The Tourism Unit of Kuala Lumpur City Hall has launched the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Master Plan 2015-2025, which outlines and details out 47 initiatives with the vision to transform Kuala Lumpur into a top-of-mind destination for exciting and diverse urban experiences, delivered through world-class infrastructure and services.